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Solar hot water heaterSolar Hot Water (SHW) is a powerful green technology that allows for the capture of free solar energy to provide domestic hot water and heating requirements.  SHW is totally free from greenhouse gas emissions and as such possesses tremendous potential for both reducing dependence fossil fuels and reducing the effects of global warming.

A characteristic of SHW systems is an imbalanced load between winter conditions with significant demand for radiant heating and summer conditions where no such load is present.  Furthermore, there will be more solar heat available at warmer temperatures, resulting in improved collector performance.  The newly released ComfortDry250 from NovelAire now provides home and business owners a means to capture this excess hot water to provide ultra-efficient dehumidification.

Comfort Dry 250
There are many benefits associated with independent humidity control, including improved occupant comfort, elimination of mold, dust mites and other allergens and improved reliability for building materials.  Decreased relative humidity permits the same level of comfort at higher thermostat settings.  The ComfortDry250 combined with SHW results in the most efficient dehumidification technology available.  The ComfortDry250 enjoys the additional benefit of being eligible for government SHW tax incentives.


NovelAire ComfortDry250           

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