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DH 1000
Low Dewpoint
Desiccant Dehumidifier
Compact General-Purpose
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Ice Rink & Low Temperature
High Efficiency Dehumidifier
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Re-circulating Models

Capacity to 10000cfm.

Provides “real” humidity control.

Saves up to 40% of energy.

Dehumidifies without raising temperature.

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Dedicated O/A Models

Capacity to 10000cfm.

Configured with staged compressors.

Fresh air is dehumidified and cooled to space neutral temperature.

Very low dewpoints.

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Cold Environment Models

Capacity to 10000cfm.

Ideal for refrigerated warehouse and ice rink type applications.

High energy efficiency for low temperature.

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NovelAire’s series of dehumidifiers and 100% make-up air units revolve around the basic concept of combining desiccant dehumidification with DX cooling to provide energy efficient dehumidification. 

NovelAire has developed a proprietary desiccant wheel that is the heart of the DES/DX series. The NovelAire DES wheel is optimized to dehumidify low temperature, high humidity air (such as that coming from an evaporator coil) utilizing low temperature regeneration heat. With this breakthrough, waste condenser heat can be used to effectively reactivate the DES wheel and deliver low dewpoint air.  

Compared to traditional dehumidification systems that overcool the air followed by reheat, the DES/DX concept can realize up to 40% operating cost savings.

AHRI Certified


Energy Star


US Green Building Counsel