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DH 1000
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100% Outside Air.

Cold Environment.

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DH 55

DH 100

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NovelAire’s DES/DX series of commercial dehumidifiers and 100% make-up air units revolve around the basic concept of combining desiccant dehumidification with DX cooling to provide energy efficient dehumidification.  The NovelAire DES wheel is optimized to dehumidify low temperature, high humidity air (such as that coming from an evaporator coil) utilizing low temperature regeneration heat (typically 120 degrees F).   With this breakthrough, waste condenser heat can be used to effectively reactivate the DES wheel and deliver cool, low dewpoint air.   When compared to traditional dehumidification systems that overcool the air followed by reheat, the DES/DX concept can realize up to 40% operating cost savings.


NovelAire wants to help you create a healthy home environment that lets your family enjoy allergy- free comfort. Experts agree an allergen free environment requires that the relative humidity be controlled between 45 and 50%.  This can only be accomplished with independent humidity control such as provided by NovelAire’s whole house dehumidifier.  Whether the dehumidifier you choose uses electricity, natural gas, hot water or solar energy, NovelAire can provide the healthy environment you want for your home.


NovelAire has several specialty units that will provide moisture removal for storage, remediation or many different and unique applications.

AHRI Certified


Energy Star


US Green Building Counsel